About Us

We are two sisters – Goga and Jadi – always been in love with art, photography and design. we look at life through the prism of creativity, and find inspiration in everything that surrounds us. Anything that could be mentioned here, colors and shapes, music, nature … in everything we find an idea which then we convert into creative reality. Very helpful to us are our many years of experience in the graphic design and IT sector, whether it is about interior design, promotional visuals or making decorative items. Our simple explanation is a love for design which we successfully apply in creation using digital technology.

With us everything starts with the idea, then with the use of wood, fabric, glass or paper it comes to the finished creation. At one point, our new idea was born.
So we took advantage of our travels and gathered up photos with various travel mementos. Our latest idea is to share this beauty with you in the form of a wall mural which you can find right here – in our online store. Each of these photos has its own beauty and the story and it’s been really hard to pick a few that we feel are the most beautiful, but know that we chose them for you with love! We transferred them to the “canvas” of large dimensions that can be used to decorate your living room or office space.

By now you hopefully got the picture about us – sisters behind these creations, and now let our actions speak for us. This is just the beginning. We hope that our website will inspire you when decorating your home, office or any other interior. Today, there are wall murals, the design on the glass, posters and decorative pillowcases, and tomorrow who knows ?! Follow us and find out!