With pink color we usually paint girls rooms, and blue is reserved for boys.

According to research blue color has shown itself as ideal for sleeping, and it’s used more for painting children`s rooms. With blue, you can combine orange, vanilla, and light shades of green.

Colors like pink or violet are stimulative colors, they are great for play spaces, but not for sleep, so it’s better to use green, lighter violet, lavender, yellow or orange in combination with white.

Colors to avoid…

Colors you should avoid in children’s rooms are black, grey, and white. Grey is considered to causes depression, black causes sadness and fear, while white looks sterile.

Dark violet color can cause feelings of sadness and frustration, if you choose violet, it should be a lighter shade. Red color, if it’s too much in space can cause aggression, but if used as a detail, can increase the energy level in children’s rooms.

When you choosing colors in children’s rooms it’s very important to choose non-intensive colors, because colors affect mood.

Ideal colors are gentle shades combined with happy decorations on the walls.