Let us help you take the precise measures…

In order to receive the exact product you pictured in your head, it is mandatory to follow our instructions. The surface you wish to put a mural on must be measured correctly, and the most important in measuring is that you are certain that you measured correctly, seriously correctly…

We recommend a minimum of two measuring. For normal, simple projects, only measures are sufficient. However, if your space is specified in any way, it is important that you sketch it for us and write down measurements on the sketch, so it doesn’t happen that wall mural doesn’t fit for any reason. Ordered mural come slightly larger than measures, about 1-2 %, because of easier installation.

To make the measuring easier for you, we prepared a few pictures with descriptions, because, you know, the picture is worth a thousand words.

Picture 1.– measure the wall as it is shown in the picture. Measure the width and height, and to be sure you measured correctly, please measure one more time because the measures must be exact.

Picture 2.3.4., – Not all walls are completely flat surfaces. For instance, attic spaces contain slope areas which must be measured on the longest side of the wall. That way you prevented the possibility for the mural to be too short. The extra you will probably have, you simply cut off during the installation.

Picture 5. – Surfaces with openings first divide into more segments and then measure each separately.  Measure the area till the opening, then above, then below (i.e. window), then from the opening till the end of the desired area or till the next opening. In that case, we require your sketch withdrawn openings and written exact measures as seen on the pic. In case you have a question or need something clarified because you are not sure how to do it, please be free to contact us.

Picture 6. – if you wish to put the same mural on more than one surface,  you can measure all the walls as one, then send us all-round width and height you require. It is not necessary to order mural separately for each wall.

Picture 7. For round surfaces, you measure the radius of the circle.

Picture 8. For oval surfaces, you measure the widest and tallest part of the oval.