Romantic type

 If you are the romantic type of person, choose the bright soft colors, pastel colors, motives such as the sky, rose, feather, sunset, sea, violins, guitars. You adore candles, decorate hearts, consistent pictures and beautiful curtains. Immerse yourself in the gentle mood, the sound of soft music, poetry that touches your heart – it’s your world. Love flows.

Sports type

If you are one of athletic types, we will fascinate you with motives  that are associated with the movement as running, mountain climbing, cycling, but you’ll love the deserted beach motive, a large city with skyscrapers. Clear colors, clear shapes, clear lines and  transparency characterize your style. All decorations in your home have function and purpose, for you must be practical. Small accents in your home, like beautiful pots with fruit provide a great atmosphere.

Natural type 

Person who is natural type prefers simplicity

Motives such as mountains, lakes, animals and plants inspire you. Wood, stone and all natural materials with character are great. Your living spaces characterized by comfort, naturalness and warm atmosphere. Harmony in the area get through materials that are deliberately chosen. You like the colors of nature. Colors found in nature, such as sky blue, olive green, warm yellow and all shades of brown connecting with perfect harmony and you like to enter in your home .. Plants complement your space and give it a special charm.

Mixed types

Of course, there are also mixed types, each of us has a different personality. 

Because of our uniqueness, interest towards different things and taste that is constantly evolving and changing, adjusted to our living space mood. Little things in the room, such as decorative pillows, blankets, pictures, wallpaper can affect our mood and make us a pleasant place to living and give new live in your space.

Look what is new in our shop and be creative, select decor that inspires you and makes you happy.

Enjoy life, look for the good around you and share love.

Love you Jadi.