Old Brown Wall

 35.00 m2

Choose from 4 material options: Wallpaper Linen; Wallpaper Dune;  Wall textile vinyl; Transparent film.

If this is the design you would like to purchase please enter your walls dimensions to get the final price, and please proceed with payment.  Your card will not be charged until you approve the final visual adjusted to the dimensions and your space, that we send to you via email. After you approve visual we will charge your card and send you the item.

In case you want to quit the order, we will cancel payment, and the amount will not be charged on your card.

*Price is shown for m2, please use dot when you write price.
  For example 250.25*
  Minimum wallpaper ordering dimension: 80x80cm.
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Important info:

  • The surface on which you want to place the label must be flat, without damage, holes or cracks and of course, without any type of moisture.
  • If you have had a brilliant idea to cover up cracks or holes in the wall with the stickers,  we have to tell you it is not going to work out, although we must admit that it is not a bad idea if it were possible
  • For the installation of the labels, you need to have handy wet and dry cloth, scalpel knife, spade tape, and float.


Material options:

Wallpaper Linen

A classic finish that lends style and grace to any interior space and a truly elegant choice that is superb for large public areas requiring a sophisticated look and feel. Maintained with a slightly wet or dry wiping cloth.

Do not use detergents or cleaning liquids and don’t rub them roughly or you will damage the label.




Wallpaper Dune 

A texture-rich finish with finely raised rivulets running vertically across its high-white surface giving an organic, yet somehow vintage look and feel to the wall covering. 

Maintained with a slightly wet or dry wiping cloth. Do not use detergents or cleaning liquids and don’t rub them roughly or you will damage the label.




Wall textile vinyl 

Wall textile vinyl is a self-adhesive polyvinyl fabric that can be installed on virtually any surface (wood, masonry, chipboard, glass) and then removed and reused many times over. The adhesion will not leave a residue on the surface when it`s removed. Easy to install and remove without a trace, in the same way as ordinary labels. When you feel like changing, just remove the existing labels,  set new ones and your room will have a new look. 

Maintenance: you can gently clean wallpaper with a moistened cloth with water, do not use wire, rough objects and detergents.


Transparent film 

Ultra clear transparent PET with removable semi-tac silicone- adhesive glue for versatile indoor applications. The SILICONE material is easy to stick on and easy to remove. It can be used corrected as many times as you need. Not using glue, so there is no sticky feeling and does not leave any glue on the surface. 

Application: window decoration, eye-catching advertisement. road shop window advertisement, clear signage, presentations, and indoor window advertisement.

Maintenance: you can gently clean film with water or glass cleaner, do not use wire or rough objects. 

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Transparent Film, Wall Textile Vinyl, Wallpaper Dune, Wallpaper Linen

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